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Paul Anthony Biography

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Born in New York City and raised in Puerto Rico and Miami, Paul Anthony began styling at the early age of 19 soon advancing to become a top international hair and makeup stylist. He can not remember a time where he has not lived and breathed both hair and makeup, and his burning fireball of passion only continues to grow within him. His true success is in his ability to share his gift with his loyal clients and enjoy doing what he loves everyday. Paul Anthony has had a very humble beginning, and is very grateful for his accomplishments in life and continues to grow as a current stylist.

When asked, Paul Anthony commented, “The best part about being an honorable member of the beauty industry is bringing out the natural features of what a woman already has in order to communicate her youthful inner glow to those around her. The passion I have to continue sending this message across will never die.”

Paul is famously known for applying his glamorous lavish lashes, and tending to the hair of trending celebrities. In regards to both hair and makeup, he has trained with various talented stylist’s and specializes in haircuts, coloring, styling, make up application and overall beauty makeovers and distinct styling. He has also worked with some very popular renowned photographers assisting to capture the moment of his iconic signature styles. After his big move to Miami, he made a name for himself and was soon rapidly on the rise to stardom. He competed in various hair shows winning first place both locally and internationally. Paul has also been a platform artist for major professional hair care companies such as Redken and L’oreal.

His experience includes multiple photo shoot’s, commercial work for television, fashion shows and features in several major fashion magazines. He is a distinct master at both editorial and red carpet styling. Upon returning to Miami in 1992, Paul Anthony graced his expertise upon high fashion campaigns for stores such as Channel, Valentino, Dior, YSL, Fendi, Versace and others in the presentation of their seasonal collections.

Paul has traveled extensively throughout Europe and the US for training and learning on educational seminars, keeping up with our ever changing craft. In September of 2007 he accomplished his life long dream; opening a salon in Miami, M. Paul Anthony. Paul recently sold his salon in order to focus more on his freelance work as an industry specialist in both hair and makeup, giving him time to continue doing what he does best. Paul Anthony is currently working at Jose Eber Atelier on 360 N Camden Dr in Beverly Hills.

New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta,
Chicago, Miami, DC and more

Phone: 212-505-8635



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