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Ken Barboza founded his agency in 1979 and was among the first creative talent agencies of its kind. At a time in the industry when only photographers were represented Ken broke the mold and began representing hair stylist, make up artist and fashion stylist. This bold approach signaled a new era in the industry, which has now become an industry standard. Clients were now able to hire a package of talent ensuring control over the level of talent and in addition manage their budgets.
Initially specializing in the ethnic market, Ken Barboza Assoc. now thrives in the Multi-cultural marketplace representing talent in both New York, and Los Angeles and additionally offering talent throughout the country in over twenty five states. Managing an array of talent in a demanding industry Ken Barboza Associates has been a respected force for over three decades. Few agencies have the experience or the knowledge vital to servicing such a diversified industry. With a keen eye for talent, a passion for professionalism and a desire to give to the future talents of the industry Ken Barboza Associates has built a reputation thought-out the industry.
Joined by Shani Barboza and Kagan Suer Ken Barboza Associates has ushered in a new generation dedicated managers for future generations.

New York, Los Angeles, MiamiChicago, Atlanta, DC and more

Phone: 212-505-8635



If you are an artist seeking representation at Ken Barboza Associates, we review digital portfolios on an ongoing basis. Please email your application to We also encourage you to follow us on instagram, facebook and twitter to be kept up to date on any  of our current programs.

New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta,
Chicago, Miami, DC and more

Phone: 212-505-8635



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