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Anu Prestonia Biography

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Anu Prestonia is the owner and President of New York’s famed Khamit Kinks, Inc., a natural hair care salon and retail store. Anu is the most talked about natural hair care stylist to the ‘stars’. She has been a hair care pioneer since 1978 when she began her home-based business; and, she continues to set the standard in the hair care industry. An award-winning trendsetter, Anu is considered the guru of natural hair by the press, other reputable hair care specialists and book authors as well as several media organizations. On many occasions, she acts as a consultant or contributor on book projects such as Miki Taylor’s Self-Seduction: Your Ultimate Path to Inner and Outer Beauty (2003), The International Hairstyle Index (2003), celebrity makeup artist’s Sam Fine’s Fine Beauty: Beauty Basics and Beyond for African-American Women (1999), and Daring Dos: A History of Extraordinary Hair (1994).In 1989, Anu Prestonia opened the doors to professional Brooklyn Brownstone servicing clients primarily of African descent. In an effort to meet the needs of a growing customer base, Anu relocated to TriBeCa in 1996 capturing a broader audience. She now offers services to both men and women of multicultural backgrounds. Khamit Kinks’ enhanced web site offers an on-line store to facilitate worldwide exposure and usage. Anu explains, ‘There is a huge market for our all-natural products and we receive many requests from Europe and Asia for information on our styling techniques’.

Anu Prestonia’s natural talents had catapulted in the early 90’s after she had serviced her very first celebrity client. She gained national and international exposure for her personalized services to such clients as Stevie Wonder, Angela Bassett, Terri McMillan, Oprah Winfrey, Alfred Woodard, Brandy, Queen Latifah, and numerous others.

Influenced by pop culture, Khamit Kinks has recently appeared on Bravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and Date Patrol. In addition to: MTV’s Becoming Presents Wannabe (Brandy makeover segment) 2002, Entertainment Style Network (Braid segment) 2002, The View 1999 and 2002, TV Japan 1997, and CNN 1997. Khamit Kinks has been featured in Essence Magazine several times, but more recently in the October 2004 issue featuring their new Green Tea Hair Oil. In addition to Essence, Khamit Kinks has been featured in Bazaar, InStyle, Heart & Soul, and other national magazines as part of large advertising campaigns for companies such as UniWorld and Publicis Groupe.

Under the direction of Prestonia, Khamit Kinks continues to create hair artistry that is unmatched in the industry. Each year the salon holds a Hair & Fashion Show open to the public to demonstrate their superior skills and introduce new styles. The salon has penned and made famous such styles as: The Cola, Cherokee, Goddess Braids, Casamas, Trini Braids, Senegalese Twist, and Extension Locs.

Anu Prestonia prides the work of her salon and states that, ‘we strive for quality work and personalized customer service which leads to extraordinary results setting us apart from the competition’.


  • Angela Bassett
  • Alfre Woodard
  • Angela Davis
  • Ben Vereen
  • Beverly Peele
  • Brandy
  • B. Smith
  • Charles Smith
  • Diane Reeves
  • En Vogue
  • Gladys Knight
  • Iman
  • Jaguar
  • Johnny Gill
  • Joie Lee
  • Kevon Edmond
  • Lenny Kravitz
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Q-Tip
  • Queen Latifah
  • Regina King
  • Res
  • Roberta Flack
  • Spike Lee
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Terry McMillan
  • Toni Morrison


  • Essence
  • American Salon
  • Modern Salon
  • Salon Sense
  • International Hairstyle Index
  • ELLE
  • Upscale


  • Queer Eye for the Straight Guy/ Bravo TV
  • Extreme Makeovers
  • Essence Music Festival – Hairstylist to Stevie Wonder
  • Style Network, Glow Braid segment
  • MTV Becoming presents Wanabees (Brandy Makeover)
  • The
  • ABC TV Program ‘The View’
  • B. Smith ‘In Style’
  • Kirin Beverage Television ñ featuring Stevie Wonder
  • Mulan – ‘Stevie Wonder’
  • Fox – ‘Holiday Hair’
  • VH1 Lifetime Achievement Award – Stevie Wonder
  • CNN – Natural Hair in the 90’s


  • 2003 Salon Sense ‘Professional of the Year’
  • Women in the Black (WIB) – Business 2002 Award
  • 2002 Natural Hair Stylist Hall of Fame Award
  • 1998 Bronner Brothers Braiders Competition 1st place, Florida
  • 1996 Bronner Brothers Braiders Competition 1st and 2nd place, Atlanta Georgia
  • 1995 National Braiders Guild Recognition Award Washington DC

Seminars and Workshops

  • Invitation to teach at the IBS 2006 show
  • 2004 International Beauty Show – Twist Workshop
  • 2003 Sisterlock Training & Seminar
  • 1995 International Braiders Network Master Instructor – New York City
  • 1994 Proud Lady Beauty Show – Master Instructor – Long Beach, CA

New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta,
Chicago, Miami, DC and more

Phone: 212-505-8635



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