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OPÉ (pronounced Oh-pay) has had a love for fashion ever since she was a child. She has been drawing clothes since she could hold a pencil.

Born in St. Louis, MO. to Nigerian parents, Opé was able to see Nigeria for the first time as a teenager attending high school there. Living through huge cultural changes at the time, it tempered the way she sees a colorful world around her.

Working for Betsey Johnson for several years after leaving Howard University, Opé fell into assisting stylists who would pull clothes for the local TV shows in the Washington, DC area. She later had an epiphany that she enjoyed doing this and worked as a stylist assistant for a year and a half after her discovery. Years later, she blossomed into freelance fashion styling.

Opé is most known for fashion styling with a dramatic flair while remaining simple in her approach to fashion. That is primarily because she sees fashion and art as one. Seeing herself as an artist first and foremost, Opé views fashion styling as another medium to extend her artistry to the canvas of real life.

Opé is most influenced by Alexander McQueen’s contribution to fashion, Daphne Guinness couture closet collection and Grace Coddington’s painterly like spreads. She sometimes dreams of being a bit of what these people are well known for and have shown passion about. Opé is passionate about color, shape and exotic things and believes that it lends to great art, every time. She tries to incorporate these things as much as possible in her


  • Century 21 Stores
  • Bubbles Hair Salons
  • Jimmy Crystal
  • Funky Fanny’s Vintage
  • Waterford


  • Italian Vogue Curvy
  • Elle (Russia)
  • Z!NK Magazine (US)
  • People Magazine (US)
  • Qvest Magazine (DE)
  • Oyster Magazine (AU)
  • Kurv Magazine (DE)
  • Highlights Magazine (AU)
  • Futureclaw Magazine (US)
  • BLINK Magazine (MX)
  • Bodas Y’Eventos Magazine (MX)
  • J’Adore Magazine (US)
  • My Day Magazine(US)
  • Push It Magazine (UK)

New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta,
Chicago, Miami, DC and more

Phone: 212-505-8635



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