Tre Major Biography

Tré Major is an American creative director, producer, social media influencer, hair, makeup and wardrobe stylist and entrepreneur. Tré discovered his passion for visual artistry young and began his styling career at seventeen when he was hired to style Taj Mowry, the star of the then hit television series, Smart Guy for a series of McDonald’s commercial. From there, his career took off and soared to innovative heights as he is prized for creating many breathtaking and cutting-edge styles on our favorite celebrities.

Well known for revamping singer and actress Mary J. Blige’s hair image for the new millennium when he draped her with a blonde, full, soft and bouncy Farrah Fawcett-esk look which essentially revolutionized black hair concepts at that time. In 2003, he made an edgy and hardcore Lil’ Kim look soft and desirable on her La Bella Mafia album cover. For years he kept the late and great Aaliyah’s locks flawless and Patti LaBelle, continues to sing his praises for how well he keeps her looking legendary.

With more than 26 years in the beauty and entertainment industry, Tré Major has become an industry staple and The Major Look is amongst the highest standards of celebrity styling. Sought after by many entertainment industry icons, Tré Major whips hair, beats faces and slays wardrobe in unparalleled fashion. A true, God-gifted visionary Tré can take one good look at a client and envision how to uncover and enhance the depths of their beauty. With the masterful touch of his hands, Tré elevates a person from pretty to perfection with ease. Tré is also the creator of a 10-product hair care line, Tré Major Hair Care, and inventor of an exclusive and patent-pending wig line that is a chic hair-parade of must have looks.